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The Bisnonna Project begins with the death of my great-grandmother in 1999. My mother, in an attempt to memorialize the spunky and strong matriarch who almost made it to 100 years of age, put together a cookbook for our relatives from the two things she was most known for: her recipes and her stories.

Over decade has passed since then. I am now an adult with her own kitchen and her own foodie ways. I have in my possession not only this cookbook, but the recipes and stories of others who have gone before me. I have decided to embark on an adventure to get to know my heritage through cooking and sharing tales. Thus, The Bisnonna Project begins.

Here you will find updated versions of recipes from the turn of the century to modern day. I will include original recipes, but may update ingredients to those I prefer to use (a number of my bisnonna’s recipes call for lard; I will not be using lard). There also might be some DIY items.

Posting schedule: I will try to post once a week on Monday nights.

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